Bright, Colourful Quilt Cover Sets & Accessories by Ultima

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Quilt Cover Sets and bedding accessories that are beautifully printed and beautifullly designed, all in beautiful bright colours. These lovely bedding ideas will add a bright spot to your day. Java Watermelon and Palms quilt cover sets will have you believe you're in the tropics, Jimbaran Spice with its tribal motifs will have you thinking of the south pacific and Troppo pink cushions just might send you troppo!


Java Watermelon Quilt Cover Set by Ltd
Java Watermelon
Palms Quilt Cover Set by Ltd
Lloyd Orange Quilt Cover Set by Ltd 
Lloyd orange
 Jimbaran Spice Quilt cover Set by Ltd
Jimbaran Spice
 Reagan Pewter Quilt Cover Set by Ltd
Reagan Pewter
 Chevron cushion by Ultima
Raffles Cushions by Ultima
 Troppo Pink Cushion by Ultima
Troppo Pink


July 30, 2015



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