Country Home Ideas March 2013

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Country Home Ideas March 2013

Gorgeous new release of Hiccups for Kids quilt covers & accessories featuring cowboys, farming, goldilocks and the ever popular fairies genre.

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   YEEHAA Taupe | Quilt Cover & Pillowcase Set
Yeehaa, and saddle up, cowboys! Ride ‘em on out and lasso those steers! Over yonder is the herd of wild ponies. The sheriff watches out for cattle rustlers. A cowboy’s life is a busy one, but there is always time to say ‘howdy’! At the end of a long day the tired little cowboys follow the dusty trail home.
   RODEO | Quilt Cover & Pillowcase Set
Inspired by iconic Western cowboy typography and drawn with Hiccups flair, this design combines popular motifs and vintage elements. Rodeo has it all - ‘cameo’ style rope frames depicting happy cowboys, boot scootin’ boots, ‘saddle up’ tackle, bronco busting rodeo stunts, and heaps more!
   MACHINERY SHED | Quilt Cover & Pillowcase Set
Boys will love this design full of vehicles that park in a machinery shed. Each one performs different duties on a farm. What jobs do the tractor, ute, quadbike, motorcycle, big grain truck, and the powerful digger do?
   FAIRY DRESS UP | Quilt Cover & Pillowcase Set
Dressing up as a fairy is something most little girls love to do! Our beautiful girls parade as fairy princesses and fancy queens; some are in country folk costumes or more mod looks - there’s even an Indian fairy. The fairy wings feature different patterns in toiles, florals or script. Style with Lou Lou coordinates.

GOLDILOCKS | Quilt Cover & Pillowcase Set
The story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears unfolds as you move up the different rows of this design. Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear go for a stroll in the forest. Meanwhile, Goldilocks arrives at the house and goes exploring. She is hungry, a bit mischievous and rather sleepy.


March 7, 2013



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