New Season Quilt Covers and Novelty Cushions for Kids by Hiccups

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New quilt cover designs and novelty cushions for kids by Hiccups as featured in Australian Country April/March 2014.

Add fun to the kids bedroom with new, bright and contemporary quilt covers and novelty cushions. Create a touch of the sea with the quilt cover design Deep Blue Sea and the collection of marine creature novelty cushions, such as Sammy Sea Turtle, Jimmy Jelliefish or Harry Hammerhead. Rescue Me Blue will tickle the fancy of any kid with an interest in trucks, cars and automobiles. Then there's the enchanting design of Folklandia with all its forest creatures and design motifs.


Featured Designs

Deep Blue Sea
Rescue Me Blue
Ellie Elephant
Circus Friends
Sammy Sea Turtle
Jimmy Jelliefish
Harry Hammerhead


May 1, 2014



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