Quilt Covers, Throws, Cushions and GoGo Pillows by Bambury Designed To Keep You Warm This Winter.

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Winter collection of quilt covers and bedding accessories from Bambury as featured in Australian Country.

Keep bright and warm this winter with cosy bedding ideas from Bambury.  Beautiful new season quilt covers Lavinia and Anouk will keep you warm whilst adding a touch of the brights to your bedroom.  Toss in some sophistication too with faux fur throws and cushions or soft snuggly mongolian wool cushions available in a stunning array of colours.  And dont leave the kids out in the cold. GoGo Pillows, a multi function pillow especially designed for children is a backpack, a cuddle pillow and tablet/book pillow. GoGo Pillows are available in Crocodile, Sheep, Lion and Monkey.

Featured Designs

Bambury quilt cover set Anouk
Bambury Lavinia quilt cover set
Bambury Wembley throw
Bambury Mongolian cushions
Bambury Faux Fur Throws & Cushions
Faux Fur
Bambury GoGo Pillows


June 11, 2014



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