Stand Out Quilt Covers & Bedding Designs by Sanctuary

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Beautiful Bed Linen by Sanctuary has burst onto the scene in a big way. It's elegant, it's edgy and it's stand out bedding design with artistic flair. If you're after eyecatching bed linen, the Snakes & Peonies Coverlets and Cushions are stunning in colour and design.  Taupe Skulls & Roses Quilt Cover Bed Sets are on trend with an amalgamation of skull, toucan and plant motifs. Cushions featuring a stunning array of cactus tossed on a bed or lounge will add a touch of style and a boutique aesthetic.  And if you can't have the real thing then the next best thing is luxuriating in Diamond Sheets and Pillowcases.


Toucs & Tiges Quilt Cover Set by Sanctuary

Toucs & Tiges

Taupe Skulls & Roses Quilt Cover Bed Set

Taupe Skulls & Roses

Snakes & Peonies Coverlet by Sanctuary

Snakes & Peonies

Diamond Pillowcase Pair by Sanctuary


Diamond Sheet Set by Sanctuary


Snakes & Peonies Pink Coverlet by Sanctuary

Snakes & Peonies

Snakes & Peonies Cushions by Sanctuary

Snakes & Peonies

Cactus Cushions by Sanctuary



January 14, 2016



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