Diaz Grey Quilt Cover & Pillowcase

Alex Perry

Quilt Cover & Pillowcase Set   Queen Bed  
189491   Usually ships 5-10 business days
$AUD 219.95 $AUD117
Quilt Cover & Pillowcase Set   King Bed  
189492   Usually ships 5-10 business days
$AUD 229.95 $AUD122
Pillowcase   European  
189493   Usually ships 5-10 business days
$AUD 49.95 $AUD35
Cushion   35x55cm  
189495   Usually ships 5-10 business days
Cyan Blue
$AUD 69.95 $AUD39
Cushion   50x50cm  
189494   Usually ships 5-10 business days
$AUD 84.95 $AUD49

DIAZ Dove Grey Quilt Cover Set by Alex Perry

Diaz is all Mexican Chic! Diaz bed linen features traditional Mexican Otomi patterns in dove grey and madarin. Diaz Yellow and Diaz Cyan embroidered Linen cushions co-ordinate spectacularly to complete the story.

  • Cotton percale 300tc
  • print

Diaz bed linen is available in Quilt Cover & Pillowcase Set, European Pillowcases, 50x50 yellow embroidered linen cushion, 35x55cm embroidered linen cushion. All sold separately.

Australian Sizing
Quilt Cover Set :
Queen bed 210 x 210cm
King bed 245 x 210cm
Pillowcase 48 x 74cm
European Pillowcase 65 x 65cm

Quilt Cover Set includes quilt cover plus 2 pillowcases. 

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