Mary Mary


Quilt Cover & Pillowcase Set   Single Bed  
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Quilt Cover & Pillowcase Set   Double Bed  
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Wall Stickers    
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  • Shhh...Come in and play! Find the key that opens the lock on the trellis gates of this secret garden themed design. Mary skips and strolls through the enchanting garden maze, discovering all the things that grow and live there. You will have fun helping your little girl count the pears, roses, dragonflies and strawberries, just to name a few! Style with a serene striped sheet set, coverlet set and lots of accessories including wall stickers, pretty garden lanterns and lovely cushions and throws.


    Quilt Cover & Pillowcase set pictured with Mary Mary striped European pillowcase, Mary Mary Sheet set, Pushie 30x50cm cushion, Rosey Posey novelty cushion, George Dragonfly novelty cushion, Miss Peacock novelty cushion, Pear 80x100cm throw, Mary Mary bunting, Garden Party lanterns, Mary Mary wall stickers, Lil Mary novelty cushion, Red Robin novelty cushion.

    Australian Sizing Information.

    Quilt covers

    • Single – 140x210cm
    • Double – 180x210cm
    • Queen – 210x210cm
    • King    – 245x210cm
    • Super King - 270x240cm

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