Eternity Silver Pure Egyptian Bed Linen

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white gardenia silver
Pillowcase   Tailored European  
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ETERNITY Pure Egyptian Sheet Sets by Linen House

These Eternity pure Egyptian sheet sets are grown, woven and made in Egypt. They are ultra smooth 500 thread count superfine cotton percale with a crisp, cool handle featuring superior moisture wicking ability and durability. Real Egyptian cotton sheets at their best!

  • Egyptian cotton
  • 500 Thread
  • superfine cotton percale

Eternity Sheets & Pilowcase Sets are available in three colours; Gardenia, Silver, White.

Pillowcases available separately:

  • 48x73cm Standard pillowcase
  • 48x73+5cm Tailored pillowcase
  • 50x90+5cm King Pillowcase
  • 65x65+5cm European Pillowcase

Sheet Sets Contain :

Single Bed

  • Flat: 180x250
  • Fitted: 91x193+50 
  • Pillowcase 48x73cm

King Single Bed

  • Flat:   200x247
  • Fitted: 107x203+50
  • Pillowcase: 48x73cm

Double Bed

  • Flat: 235x255
  • Fitted: 137x193+50
  • Pillowcase: 48x73(2)cm

Queen Bed    

  • Flat: 255x270
  • Fitted: 153x203+ 50
  • Pillowcase: 48x73(2)cm

King Bed

  • Flat:  280x280
  • Fitted: 183x203+50
  • Pillowcase: 48x73(2)cm

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