Ultra Light Luxury Bath Towels Peat

  • Introducing the next generation Sheridan towel. Featuring AIR TWIST™ technology, this towel is luxuriously soft, instantly absorbent and very quick to dry. AIR TWIST™ technology is an intelligent spinning technique that takes 100% cotton yarns and traps them with air.

    The result is a lightweight luxury towel that feels great but dries faster than any of our towels in the bathroom, on the line and in the dryer.

    Warm gentle machine wash, rinse well. Do not bleach, avoid detergents that contain optical brighteners

  • Face Washer 33 x 33 cm 450gsm
  • Hand Towel 45 x 65 cm 450gsm
  • Queen Towel 69 x 140 cm 450gsm
  • King Towel 91 x 167 cm 450gsm
  • Bath Mat 60 x 80 cm 750gsm

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